Marissa Stewart

As a supervisor and a leader, Kevin has a good balance of supporting and challenging his staff. He gives consistent positive and constructive feedback, fostering continuous coaching and development. He sets challenging expectations for his staff and holds them accountable to a high standard of professionalism, communication, and performance. His positivity and enthusiasm as a leader help to create and encourage a culture of appreciation that I am confident he would bring to teaching.

Online Student

“Kevin was always responsive, upbeat, encouraging, He is very knowledgeable in the field. Our course was well-staged, no fluff, all pertinent interesting material.” and were always up to date.”

Online Student

Kevin is very knowledgeable of subject matter and quite experienced in teaching both online and face-to-face, and yet is very approachable, down to earth, and eager to help his students and transfer his knowledge.”


Cindy Guthrie, M.S.

“ Working with Kevin is always exciting and rewarding. He has excellent solutions, can articulate his ideas and interpret your response, and when he becomes committed to a cause is passionate beyond words.”

Dr. Terry Fencl

“As a teaching colleague, I was able to witness and experience Kevin’s joy in teaching learners with technology, his commitment to his students, his creativity in course curriculum, his collaborative skills in collegial teaching, his diligence in evaluating learning outcomes, and his ability to communicate with and motivate learners.”

Dr. Susan Manning

”When it comes to seeking innovation and new ways of thinking, Kevin sets the bar very high. He is a tinkerer. Not only does he bring a specific technical background, but he has fun seeking new solutions to old problems.”